Friday, August 31, 2007

Fathers Day

We have made Fathers Day cards and decorated envelopes to put the cards in.
We wrote all about our Dad's and what makes them so special.

My Dad goes for bike rides in the park and
down the road.
My Dad likes to shave his hair off.
My Dad likes to drink cold beer.
My Dad likes to go camping.
My Dad goes fishing with me.
My Dad goes to Chipmunks with me.
My Dad goes on holiday to Auckland with me.
My Dad is Super Dad.
My Dad is Cool.


Room2Oaklands said...

Your cards look awesome. I bet there were some happy dads in Brightwater!!

Kath Bee said...

I bet your Dad's all loved getting their cards. Sounds like some interesting things your Dad's do (especially the Dad who likes to shave his hair off.....!)