Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lead Kids Day

Yesterday I went to the PD Suite with Louis from Room 3, Isaac from Room 8 and Lydia from Room 9 for Lead Kids Day. There were kids and teachers from six other schools. When we got there Mrs Earle told us to find little lego people . When the others arrived Mrs Earle welcomed everybody. Then Mrs Earle told us to find our name tag with a sticker on it. On the stickers were our own names. Mrs Earle told us to find a group of people that had the same sticker on their name tag. We made some new friends. Mrs Earle said to plan our Animation on some paper. We took some photos of some toy people and animals. We had morning tea and we had little muffins, some cookies and a drink! After we had morning tea we carried on doing our animation! After we took the photos we put them on the computer. We used imovie to put the animation together so it goes fast! Mrs Gulbransen bought Subway for lunch and we had it outside. Then we had a little play. We went back into the PD room and finished our Animation, then we waited for the other groups to finish their Animation. Then we went back to class!! We had an awesome day.

By Sebastian

Making Friends from Sherryn and Vimeo.

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Room 6 Brightwater School said...

great move it was cool FROM Daniel