Monday, June 16, 2008

Reggie's Party

In the weekend Caleb and Olly and Cassidy came to my party at Chipmunks. Caleb was the first one there. I went on the slide first. I jumped over the balls but I didn't make it. I landed into the balls. Caleb and I played a game. I played the play station for a wee minute. We went down the really straight slide. Olly went down the slide first. I went down the slide second. Caleb went down the slide third. Cassidy went down the slide last. My brother picked Olly up and ran upstairs. My brother jumped on the slide. Cassidy jumped on the slide. I got really sweaty. Olly and Cassidy and Caleb and I played tag with the balls. Olly was in, then he tagged Cassidy. Then he tagged me. I had a yummy cake. It had cream on it. We had nachos for lunch. I had a little hotdog and some chips. I had a big piece of cake. Caleb had a little piece of cake. I had fizzy drink. Caleb had water. We had lollies. We had a sausage. We had a sponge cake. We had nuggets.
It was a great 7th birthday.

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