Friday, June 27, 2008

At Discovery time today we made some spaghetti faces out of all kinds of food. We made them out of bread. We had Donna to help make them. We had a large glass to make a circle out of the slice of bread. We spread spaghetti over the base and then put all the facial features on. We grilled them, then ate them. They were yummy.


Room9brightwater said...

Your spaghetti faces look awesome. I am pleased you made them on Friday because it meant I didn't have to cook tea on Saturday because Annabel made spaghetti faces for our family. They were delicious! I wonder what you will learn to make next time? I hope it means I will not hav to cook tea again!!

Mrs W ( Annabel's Mum)

Anonymous said...

Hello room 4 I really enjoyed coming to help you make your spaghetti faces. You all did such a awesome job, I am looking forward to coming and helping again soon.

Donna (Amelia's Mum)