Monday, June 09, 2008

High School Musical

Early on Saturday morning we were going by the airport and Nana said "The car's running out of petrol." Then we went to the airport to have breakfast.
In Christchurch we had McDonald's then we went to High School musical on ice. Half way through the show Nana went and got Amie and Lisa and I a goody bag. I got some glasses as well as some candyfloss, a hat and a bag and a mug. After High School Musical we went under a roof top so we didn't get wet. Nana went and got the taxi. We kept on having Harry the Taxi driver. We got stuck in the snow. Nana rang up the taxi lady then we stood outside. We had a photo in the snow then we crossed the road and I was the first to spot Harry. Then Nana said "Is that Harry again? We have always had Harry." Then we went to the motel and stayed the night. When it was morning we went across the road to have breakfast then back to the motel. Nana had a shower then we went to the airport. Soon we were in Nelson and we were home. What a great surprise it was.


michelle said...

I knew about your surprise aleisha but had to keep it a secret i hope you enjoyed your adventure. Michelle

michelle said...
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