Thursday, June 05, 2008

Going to Christchurch

On Friday I am going to Christchurch with my family and with Chelsea because we like High School Musical. Dad is not going to the show. We are going to see Auntie Margy and Uncle Bruce. We are staying at Auntie Jazz 's house. We are going to go shopping in the mall.


Room9brightwater said...

I hope you had fun at High School Musical. Wasn't it exciting when it snowed. It looked like you had lots of fun with Chelsea and Amelia on the lawn.


Anonymous said...

Hi, You must have had a great time at High School Musical Show. Did Auntie Dee go with you as well. Did you go shopping while you were in Christchuch. On the blogg page you are looking as if you enjoyed the nmousetraps that were made I think I will have to get Grandad to make them for my lunch when I come home from work at the weekend.Mrs Line's has a very good blog page well done. Granny