Monday, February 23, 2009

Fishing At Cable Bay

In the weekend I went to Cable Bay with Mum and Dad and Keely. We went fishing at the beach and we caught a snapper and it was little and it was too little. We threw it back and we caught another snapper and it was too little too.


cushla moir said...

Hi Josh, you forget to mention in your story that you went camping for 2 nights at cable bay and what about all the butterflies you caught and the big waves that made you fall over when you were swimming! what a great weekend we had at cable bay. From mum xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Josh,
this is Aunty Sarah in Brisbane, I'm glad to hear you had a good weekend at Cable Bay, sorry the fish were too small to take home and eat but I'm sure you'll catch some more big ones soon.
I hope you have a super day at school and I will send Mum some photos of my holidays for you to look at.
Lots of love from Aunty Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Josh
This is Nana and Tony writing to you. I am pleased you had fun at Cable Bay. Have you caught any different insects lately. We found a black and white moth in our garden. Are you going for lots of bike rides with Keeley?
love from Nana

Mel said...

Josh you need to get your dad to take you to a decent fishing spot. Maybe one day you and your dad can go fishing with serina and her dad in the "big" boat !!