Wednesday, February 04, 2009

First Day Back

We have had a busy day in Room 4. We went to a special assembly to welcome Mr Baldwin and Miss Read. We have been to the library to get books for the class and for ourselves. We have written about our holiday and we have got reading books to take home. We didn't go swimming because not everyone had their togs and it was raining. Sometimes we do swim in the rain if it is very warm. We had a story after lunch and then we drew some pictures to go with our holiday stories. We had lots of notices to take home. One more day at school then we can have a holiday again.


Sarah Toa said...

Ni Hao from Shanghai American school. I have put your blog on my blogroll and am looking forward to reading your posts throughout the year. I teach a grade 1 (6-7 year old)class and origonally come from Nelson. I went to Appleby School and Ranzau Road school, as well as Waimea Intermediate and Waimea College. Keep the post coming.
Sarah Toa

Anonymous said...

My children are excited about the tooth tally. Email Cheryl Hill at to join. Start counting from Feb 1.
Sarah Toa

Anonymous said...

What a great looking bunch of kids. Hope your first day at school went well and you are all being nice and helpful to your new teacher. Have a fantastic long weekend.

Christine Ewers
(Bailey's mum)

Jack SLoan said...

It sounds like you had an exciting day. We are on holiday now in Manchester.

We have just finished making a really interesting film of Hansel and Gretel and would love it if you had a look and left a comment or two!

I have added your blog to our links and would really appreciate it if you did the same.

JAck Sloan
Manchester UK