Tuesday, February 24, 2009


In the weekend I went to the two dollar shop and I got a dolphin. It is pretty because it lights up. The light changes all the time. We had subway for lunch. We went to the number one shoe warehouse.


Mandy T said...

You are very lucky to have a colourful dolphin it is very cool. I hope Mum brought you some new shoes as well.

mummy said...

Hello there Serina!!
Glad you like your dolphin, it is pretty cool. Lets hope you like wearing your new boots and DON'T scuff them straight away or I will have to put STEEL CAPS on them.
Love from your darling Mum xxx

Anonymous said...

Well done Serina we hope you like your new boots,what colour are they? We;ll look at your dolphin when we come out next. Bye for now.
Nana Karen and grandad.

Anonymous said...

serina have you counted how many pairs of shoes you own?? I dont think you really needed any more!! But Keely will like them when you hand them down.

From Cushla