Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ronald McDonald Visits Brightwater School

After playtime today all the Junior Syndicate went to the school hall. We didn't know why we had to go there but while we were singing a song Ronald McDonald walked in and gave us all a big surprise. He had trouble putting up his stand. When he finally got it standing up he clipped a large book onto the stand. Mrs Woodward read the story and Ronald acted it out. When he hung his washing out the wind blew one of his red and white stripey socks away. He had to go and look for it.
He taught us some safety rules when he looked for his sock.
Always wear your seatbelt. Make it click
Walk on the house side of the footpath.
Watch out for sneaky driveways.
Stop Look and Listen before you cross the street.
Finally he got to the school and we saw the sock on his back.
It was a special sock because it had eyes. He left the sock at Brightwater School to remind us about Road Safety.


Room 5 Hawera Primary said...

God,Ronald has been a long way!

Anonymous said...
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