Monday, July 20, 2009

Hannah Montana

On Wednesday I went to the Movie Theatre to see Hannah Montana with Mum, Mandy and Sierra. It was loud at the start. I saw Julie,Taylor and Aimee. The movie went for 2 hours and forty five minutes. After the movie we went to McDonald's for lunch. Sierra and I had an Ice Age 3 combo and blue fanta. It was bubble gum flavoured. Then Mandy went to pick up Ashlee from daycare and we went to pick up my brother from my Aunty's house. When we got there my cousin was playing a game. Then we went home and had a rest.

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Mrs W said...

Hi Room 4
Thanks for comming to read our new blog. Maybe we could share stories or work on a story together since my new class is the same age.

The girls enjoyed Hannah Montana in the holidays too.

Mrs Williams