Friday, July 31, 2009

Discovery 31 July

At Discovery Time this morning Cushla helped us make chocolate muffins with Nadine's special recipe. They had rice flour in them instead of normal flour. Mrs Lines and Georgia had to go to the Four Square shop to buy vinegar for the cake. Most of us iced one and put sprinkles or hundreds and thousands on the top.
We also made tea in a real teapot. We made models with the knex that Mrs Lines bought on Trade Me. Some girls played Twister. Jared has mastered Life Guards, saving 10 people. Skipping was another activity. The red playdough we made last week was still okay to use.
Cameron and Matthew put worm wee around our daphne bush and the other plants in the garden outside our room.


Anonymous said...

Wow! what a wonderful day Room 4 had today, looks like you had alot of fun.

Tiffany (Georgia's Mum).

room5 Hawera Primary said...

We really liked your blog. we likeed your story. From Caleb, connor and terry. room 5 Hawera Primary School