Monday, March 02, 2009

Tayla's Birthday

On Sunday Tayla had her birthday she thought that she was going to get her guitar the next day then it just got to our house. She got ninety dollars and a credit card which counted up to a hundred and twenty dollars. She got a glass chess set and a puzzle that has a thousand pieces to it.


Anonymous said...

Great story Georgia about Tayla's birthday, we had a fun day didn't we. The "credit card" was a gift voucher but that made Dad and I laugh, it will be many more birthdays before the Macbeth girls will be getting credit cards!

Tiffany (Georgia's Mum).

Anonymous said...

It would be great if tiffany and Kane Macbeth would pay the poor young American for the 16 mtr switch kite they purchased on trademe,this is the second friend of mine from America to be ripped off by us New Zealanders,how very embarrassed I am,you can still fix this problem Kane and tiffany Macbeth of brightwater.