Tuesday, March 31, 2009

School Gala

At the school gala on Sunday we sold all of the things we had made. The gingerbread was the first to sell then the sweet treats. Lots of people were asking for more Lemon Honey as well. We had sold out by 12.15 so some of us missed out working on the stall. Some of us counted the money with Mrs Lines in Room 4. There was a lot of money. We counted $222.00. We have to take the expenses out of that. The lolly cake cost a lot to make. Altogether our expenses were $98.00 so we made $124.00 We had lots of fun making the things and working on the stall.

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Anonymous said...

Well done Mrs Lines and Room 4 children, you have done so well making all those yummy things for the school auction. I know Georgia has learnt alot from the experience and now knows how to make lemon honey without the recipe.

Tiffany. (Georgia's Mum).