Monday, July 21, 2008

Staying at Gran's

In the weekend Mum and Dad and Shanee and I went to Takaka to Phil's to cut the fish. I got 2398 can tabs Mum and Dad and Shanee and I counted them. Then Dad and Mum went home to watch TV because Dad taped a dvd in the lounge but dad had to get the aerial out of the room so Dad could watch tv.
Shanee and I stayed at Granny's and made soup. Then we played old maid and down the drain and then we went to bed while Granny did her excercises in the lounge then she went to bed. I forgot to take my bag of clothes so Dad dropped them off at a hut when he was over at Takaka getting a load of logs. Phil picked it up in Takaka .

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Anonymous said...

What a great story you wrote Clayton. I hope you remmber to take your bag to Granny's next time!!!!!!!!!!!
Rebecca Clayton's Mum