Monday, July 21, 2008

Mt Arthur

On Sunday Mum, Dad, Amelia and Sherryn and I went to Mt Arthur. Dad got stuck in the snow. I panicked. I went on my sled. Sherryn had a shovel and ran it along the snow then she threw it up. She said "It's snowing." We thought it was cool. Mum had a race with Dad. Dad won.

The next day Chelsea came for a sleep over. She had to sleep on the stretcher We read books in bed. In the morning we were still reading. For breakfast we had pancakes. I had 5. Then we went to the Library to get books.

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Audrey said...

Finally I get a chance to get back to blogging. The snow looks like alot of fun Amelia! I went to lake Rotoiti in the holidays and there was snow right down at the lake frontage it was beautiful.Hope all is well in room 4 this year and you are all looking after Mrs Lines.