Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Walk To School Tuesday

This morning we all walked to school behind Mathew playing the bagpipes. The radio station came to the hall.


Anonymous said...

Hi Room 4
I was so pleased to see you all out walking to school this morning...you are amazing.
I hope that we can keep having everyone walking to school this week as it would be so good to have another Sanitarium breakfast.
I hope that after this week lots of you will keep on walking to school. It is so good for you to walk everyday and now that you know you can do it I hope that you will walk most days.
See you at the gate each morning!

From Mrs G

Danny R said...

Mrs Lines
Looks like room 4 are doing some fun things, love the puppets!
It would be cool to win another breakfast.
A special hello to Olly and Hannah.

jj said...

cool stuff room 4