Saturday, April 01, 2006

Wanna Be An Athlete Stories

If I went to the Commonwealth Games I would do the Triathlon. I would get hot, so hot I would melt so much but I would not fall over or loose my shoe because my shoes are tight, so tight, but I like them so much. I would like to win a gold medal.

If I went to the Commonwealth Games I would represent New Zealand with three silver ferns. I would do weightlifting. If I got a gold medal my Mum and Dad would be pleased, so would Scott and Jarrad. If my Mum and Dad couldn't be there I wouldn't be pleased. I would be sad because they wouldn't see me get the medal. I would be crying because I would be pleased on the podium. I would eat vegetables so I can get strong and lift five thousand weights. If I don't eat vegetables I won't get strong and healthy and I won't be able to lift a weight.

If I was in the Commonwealth Games I would like to be in gymnastics. If I was in gymnastics I would like to have a ribbon. The ribbon's colour would be pink and blue. I would be the best at gymnastics so I would win a gold medal.

If I went to the Commonwealth Games I would be in Rugby 7's. I would get all muddy. I would need rugby boots and a rugby tee shirt. It would be fun because I would be in a team.

If I went to the Commonwealth Games I would do Rugby 7's. I would try to get a gold medal. If Mum and Dad were watching me they would be proud of me, but if I won a bronze medal I would still be very happy too.

If I got chosen to go to the Commonwealth Games, for my sport I would do boxing. If I was tough enough I would punch who was fighting me then I would hope that I would win a gold medal. If I won a gold medal when my Mum and Dad were at the Commonwealth Games watching me they would be very happy.


Room 9 said...

Hi Room 4.
What great writers you are. Your stories are very interesting.When we have been to Mapua Rock Pools and the Aquarium we will put some stories on our blog too and perhaps you will like to read them.
Keep up the good work and have another fun week.
Fom Mrs Eden and Room 9 Richmond School.

janice said...

Hi room 4
What great stories about the Commonwealth Games! You know so much about the games.
I really enjoyed reading about how you would feel at the Games, especially if you won a medal. When you write about how you would feel it makes your stories seem real.
Taylah, yes, I do think you would get really hot doing the triathlon.
Justin, all your teachers at Brightwater School would also be pleased and proud if you won gold!
Lucy, the gymnasts with ribbons always look stunning. I am sure you would be one of the best gymnasts!
Luke, Rugby Sevens is a very fast game. You certainly would have a lot of fun, maybe you might score a try!!
Caleb, You would have to run really fast if you were n the Rugby Sevens team. I'm sure you could do that, you might evven score a try!
Flynn, I'm sure that you would try really hard to get a gold medal. Boxing always looks scary to me! Good luck!

Well done Room 4. i'm looking firward to reading some more of your satories

Best wishes
Mrs Gulbransen

Room9brightwater said...

Great story Justin. We think you could be a Commonwealth athlete one day. Keep eating your veges. Scott will be watching you.

From Room 9

Audrey said...

Gidday Room 4.
Danny and I have been looking at your blog and we think it is awesome. Love all the photos with lots of smiley faces. Great Commonwealth Games stories too. Keep up the good work.
Aud and Dan.

Audrey said...

Hey guys
Nice to hear from you all.Hope you are treating your Teacher well.