Saturday, March 25, 2006

Junior Sports Day

On Wednesday 15 March all of the Junior Syndicate walked down to the Brightwater Domain to meet up with the junior classes from all the other Waimea schools. We were put into eighteen different teams. The teams all had names of the countries competing at the Commonwealth Games. We got to do six different activities. Some of the activities were dancing, soccer, parachute, petanque, sack races, hurdles and hockey. We finished at lunchtime and walked back to school feeling very tired.


Room 9 said...

What a wonderful collection of pictures you have on your blog Room 4.It looks as if you have a very exciting time at Brightwater School.
Room 9 at Richmond Primary has just started their first blog that you might like to look at.
Have a fun week.

glendae said...

Good Morning Room 4.

Your photos are great. You are having a lot of fun in Room 4. Keep up the great work and I will see you during the week.

Mrs Earle

Helen Stewart said...

Hi Room 4,
I've looked at your treat for filling the teddy bear jar and bet you would like to do something different next time - it's much too cold to go swimming now!

The picture of all the fairies and spidermen, intermingled with other book characters, looks good - must have been a fun day. I know I had lots of fun - but I did find my "Cat in the Hat" suit pretty hot!

I hope you keep on putting new pictures on the site - it's lots of fun to look at them.

Mrs Stewart

liz W said...

Wow Room 4! You are an amazing class being so organised and onto it when it comes to blogging!!!!
Keep up the good work.
Perhaps some of you could come and show my class one day.
Happy blogging

Mrs Williams

adrienne said...

I really enjoyed watching you all have a great time with all the activities. What great teachers you have.

janice said...

Wow Room 4
What a great day you had at the Sports. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your photos on your blog.

I really enjoyed the play at assembly last week.You have some great readers in your class.

From Mrs Gulbransen

Anonymous said...

Cool photos room 4. I had so much fun at the sports day, and I am A MUM!!! Keep it up Room 4, all the mums and dads love to see all these photos, and love to hear about all the fun you have. You all have the coolest, best teacher!!

Lilli said...

I hope you have a good easter. especially the teacher!! and have great holidays. Love Lilli