Monday, March 16, 2015


On Monday Room 2 went to visit the Museum in Nelson. We learnt about parrots and World War I.
Nicky introduced us to the display. Then we went off into 5 groups.

At the first station we pressed buttons and heard the bird sounds of the stuffed birds. We also had to match pictures to the birds.

At station two there was a trap for rats, stoats, and possums. These are pests because they eat bird eggs, baby birds and birds.

At station three we talked about tracking devices that are put on birds legs so people can monitor the birds movements.

At station four we had to carefully sketch some stuffed birds in a cage. There was a Tui, Morepork,  Kiwi and a Tit.

Outside on the deck we had to find pictures of Parrots hidden in the garden and match them up and make a graph of the different kind of parrots. 
We had to decide if they were Kea, Kakapo, Kakariki or Kaka.

At the end we had a very quick look through the World War 1 gallery.

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