Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bean Bag Fun

On Monday we were the very first class to work with Michelle and Nathan. We are working on learning to throw.
We played games with cool, coloured beanbags shaped like turtles and frogs.
In the first game we were in two teams and had to throw as many beanbags into the other teams space as we could. If the beanbags  went outside the cones we had to leave them.
Then we were in four groups and we had to fire our beanbags at the swiss ball to try and push it over another teams line. If we were smart we didn't all throw our beanbags at once.
We also learnt how to stand and point our arm to throw overarm.
We had great fun.


Amy's Mum said...

That looks like lots of fun Room 2

Will's Mum said...

Hey Room 2 - you could have used the bean bags that you made!!! You could add that to the bean bag games you played.

Allanah said...

You picked a great day to be outside in the sunshine.


Paige Bangma said...

Hi Room 2. My name is Paige and I'm Oli's friend from Wellington. It was awesome how you played with the beanbags. I'd like to do that too! And it was super fun listening to your voices and looking at your blog. From Paige (Muritai School, Eastbourne).