Friday, February 21, 2014

Brightwater School Gala

Come to the school gala on Sunday 23 February

Buy a ticket in our Room 2 lolly raffle. Enough lollies to last all year!

Vote for our awesome Room 2 scarecrow as well.
Then bid for him. He will look great in your garden.


Larissa said...

I hope I won your raffle Room 2. It looks pretty good! From Mrs Inch

Will's Mum said...

Hey Room 2! We were so lucky to have won your scarecrow! I will pick him up from school tomorrow - I hope he fits in my car?

I will have to find a great spot for him in the garden and take a photo and send it to you so that you know he is happy at his new home.

Thanks for doing such a terrific job - he is very special!

Will's Mum said...

P.S Did you have a name for him/her?

Amy's mum said...

Loved your scarecrow ....great work room 2