Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Super Sentences

Today Mrs Lines gave us a sentence The cat went down the road.
We had to cut it up, and add some more words to make it more interesting and then stick it in our books. Read our sentences and see if you think they are better than Mrs Lines's sentence.

The big fat smelly black and white cat ran down the big busy road to catch a brown mouse.
Lucy and Nikita

The cat caught the grey mouse.

The fat cat chased after the stinky mouse. Jack

The fat ginger cat ran very fast after the brown mouse. RJ

The little fat cat ran down the road to get the brown mouse. Jet

The black cat ran down the road after the small mouse. Samuel

The big mean cat ran fast  down the road after a mouse. Kate

The black cat scampered after the fat mouse. Ben

The big fat cat went after the little mouse. Seth

The black cat ran to the mouse hole. Jaxon

The super fat cat ran after the quick brown mouse. Oliver

The fat ginger cat went fast after the small speedy mouse. Breanna

The white at ran down the road with a big fluffy mouse. Abbie

The fat cat scampered quickly after the fast mouse. James 

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Mrs. Bodkins said...

I love these sentences! Great job :) I love seeing all this wonderful work. Our class has just started blogging. Please stop by and check us out.