Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fishing Fun

In the holidays Dad, Johny and I went down Port Underwood scalloping and cray fishing. First when we got there we had to fix the dredge. Second we had to unpack our clothes. Then we went to check our pots. We first checked my pot. Mine had thirty nine. Our dad went crazy when we lifted the pot up. Dad's got two but they were too small so we had to throw them away and put the pot back in. Johny's pot had four, three were big, one was small. Finally we did dad's pot again at night. This time he got nine crayfish. When we checked all the pots we steamed in to port. When we packed up we had to drop the anchor and get some shut eye. The next morning we went scalloping. We got thirty three cases. When we finished that we went Kahwai fishing. I pulled four fish in. Johny pulled the lure 4 times. We got 8 kahwai. It was getting late so we headed off back to the shore. When we got back to the wharf we dropped our long line. Then we went to bed. The next morning we got up so early. When Johny and I went to check our long line it had a red cod. When we finished that we went to check our pots. But we did not check Amy's pot because we put it on our boat. When we did all the pots we went back in because it was too rough and we all went home. When we got home we told mum all about what we did. And after that our whole family went to bed. I had two amazing days. 
By Jimmy 


Lina Juliette said...

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