Friday, June 08, 2012

Cross Country Boys Finishing


Well done Jack R coming in third. Harry got fifth and Aaron got sixth. It was a long way to run. 


Anonymous said...

WOW guys (and girls) you all did such an awesome job - WELL DONE!! It was a long way and you ran your wee hearts out (or legs off!)

Great to watch you. All your hard work and practising paid off :)

Janine (Sams mum)

Anonymous said...

PS - Thanks Mrs Lines for getting the videos up so quick on the blog.It was hard to take in everyones effort agmonst the organised chaos; so good to sit back on the couch and watch it in peace!!


Jen (Harry's Mum) said...

GREAT effort Room 2. You should all be very very proud of yourselves. It was so great to be able to watch the race (over and over again!) to show our family and friends. I saw you all watching yourselves on the computer on Monday morning - very cool.

Anonymous said...

Well done Room 2! WOW you did run so well, it was so cool to watch you all run such a long way and come in smiling at the finish! I'm glad they didn't do a Mummies race, I think it would have been hard!

Sarah (Toby's mum)