Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Turtle Visit

This morning Ashlee's mother brought Mummy Turtle for a visit to Room 2. Ashlee has three turtles. Two live in a pond and one lives in an old bathtub in the garden. We all got to touch it if we wanted to. It walked around on the carpet. They think Mummy Turtle is about 25 years old.


Freyja, Millie, Bella and Fletcher said...

How cool to have a turtle visit!!

Room 14 said...

What a lovely little turtle with a pretty shell. It reminds me of a rhyme we say in our class "I had a little turtle, He lived in a box...." I wonder if Mrs Lines knows it and can teach you.
Have another great day at Brightwater School.
From Mrs Eden and Room 14 Richmond School.

Cheryll Wilkinson said...

Hi This is Toby Churchman's English Grandma, I love Room 2's blog and you look like you all have lots of fun at school from Cheryll Wilkinson in Poole, Dorset, UK