Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bird Feeders

A long time ago we made these bird balls. We found the recipe in our reading book.Georgia's Mum Tiffany came to help us make them. We put them in the freezer to set and we forgot about them. This morning Peter helped us hang them up.We put one by the hall, one by the shade house, two in the garden by the dental clinic and one by the sports shed. We are going to watch to see how long it takes the birds to discover them and how long for them all to be eaten.
Serina broke up some weetbix to put in her bird feeder. We hung it by the shadehouse.


Anonymous said...

They look great. I'm sure once the birds find them they will eat them all up!

Tiffany. (Georgia's mum).

mel said...

thanks for showing me the bird feeders yesterday serina. i think the feeders in the trees by the dental clinic have been more popular with the waxeyes.