Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mountain Biking At Rabbit Island

On Sunday Clayton and Annabel went Mountain biking at Rabbit Island. When Clayton biked past Annabel he said "Excuse me." All the riders had a number on the front of their bikes. There were three races for different age groups. The track was rough and bumpy. There was one big hill and some little hills.


Room9brightwater said...

You were both super stars. Clayton you biked so fast and still used your manners! Wow!! Annabel you biked lots of laps around the track.

Well done to both of you

Liz (Annabel's Mum)

Anonymous said...

Well done! You both sound like you had a great time. I bet it was hard work biking up the hill. But you did it heaps of times. Great work.I bet you can't wait until the next race!!!!!!!!!!
Rebecca (Clayton's Mum)