Sunday, July 29, 2007

Clayton did an experiment at home then he brought the things to school to share it with the class.

Clayton and Josh and Sebastian piled some sand up in the sandpit like a volcanoe.

Then they put a small container in the top of the pile. Clayton put some baking soda in the container. Sebastian put some green colouring in. Then Clayton tipped some vinegar in.

The mixture started to bubble and froth. It came up over the sides of the container and flowed down the sides of the volcanoe.

Why did it do this?


Anonymous said...

I bet you ad fun doing this boys. Clayton loves doing this at home.

Keira said...

I remember when we did this at playcentre too, the sand was all sorts of different colours from all the different volcano's we made.

kaine said...

cause there was a chemical reaction