Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Touching We Like

We have been learning about keeping ourselves safe. We talked about touching that we liked and then wrote 5 ways we liked to be touched. We found out that touching that some people like other people don't like.

My brother scratching my back.
My mum tickling me.
Dad hplding my hand across the road.
My Dad rubbing his whiskers on me.
My Mum cleaning me in the bath.
Daddy reading me a story.
Mum and Daddy cuddling and kissing me.
Dad tucking me in bed.


Anonymous said...

Great work room4! I am pleased you are learning the right way for people to touch you.

Moturoa said...

We had exactly the same lesson as you today.

Everyone must doing the Keeping Ourselves Safe lessons.

We are going to be learning about being safe on the internet as well.

Miss K

Appleby School