Monday, May 28, 2007

Caitlyn's Flat Stanley Goes Camping

It all started when I was going to the Teapot Valley camp because it was a church thing. It took one minute to get there. When we got there we all had breakfast and there were lots of tables, chairs and food. I had some ricies. After that Flat Stanley and I went outside. I saw Sophie on her bike. Then we went to the maize. We cheated we went under the boards to get out. Then we went to the playground. There were some x's on poles but not all of them. Some had an 0 for adult and a green tick means that yes you can go on that whenever you want. The maize had a green tick. Then it was sunset. Everyone went to tea. Then the show was on in the gym. It was 10 to 10 then it was time for Flat Stanley's and my favourite dance, Money Money, Money and a few other songs and dances. It was late, we were tired and the movie Cars was on. We slept in the awning of the caravan. In the morning we had breakfast then we painted our pottery animals. After lunch I went to the maize for the last time then we went home. Flat Stanley was very tired.

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