Friday, April 27, 2007

This morning the whole school met down at the hall to walk to school with Hamish Carter and Debbie Tanner. It was raining a little bit but we didn't mind. Mathew Arnold played the bagpipes. When we got to school we went to our classes and called the roll. Then we all went into the library and sang the National Anthem. Mrs Gulbransen welcomed our guests. Hamish and Debbie spoke to us. Mr Hitchcock presented us with an award for being the only school in New Zealand to have all it's pupils walking to school every day in Walk to School Week.

We went into the hall and had a yummy Sanitarium breakfast.
We could choose Weetbix, Ricies, Cornflakes or Fruity Weetbix. We could also have bananas or apples. We all had an Up and Go drink of milk.

After breakfast we had our class photo taken with Hamish and Debbie.

Then we sang Happy Birthday to Hamish for his birthday tomorrow. Then our guests had to leave to catch a plane.

We had a lucky prize draw. Hannah from our class was lucky again this year. She got a Weetbix towel.

When we got back to class we all got prizes.


Moturoa said...

What a great time you all had. You were lucky to see Hamish and Debbie. It was a shame it was a bit rainy.

Your breakfast looked really yummy.

You got lots of rewards.

Miss K

Appleby School

Anonymous said...

It looks like great fun! What a yummy breakfast you had.
Rebecca Claytons mum

Anonymous said...

Congratulation room 4! You are all awesome fit people. You must be fit from walking to school and eating a healthy breakfast. What a treat to meet Hamish and Debbie. Well done.